Soundbath Programme Notes

Echoes of Brighter Days

Victoria Fifield

‘Echoes of Brighter Days’ reflects my bittersweet response to the setting. Happy memories of visiting the Baths in simpler times and sadness at the current dilapidated state of the building, merge together in this wistful piece. Two short musical phrases are woven throughout the composition, returning like ‘echoes’ alongside the actual echoes provided by the pool’s magnificent acoustics. I hope my music will provide an emotional soundtrack for you to silently reflect on your own memories of the pool and of brighter days in general.

3ft Deep and Descending

Mikey Owers

This piece is inspired by the feelings I had on first entering this stunning building. I was blown away by its scale and its beauty. I was also fascinated by how the space interacted with the sound of my brass instruments. Simultaneously, I felt the pull of vertigo down into the deep end of the pool, which, when drained of water, reveals its truly terrifying depths with no easy way out. This piece plays with the idea of what will happen when you go deeper, maybe too deep. Can you climb back from the depths..?