• Rachel Duns Quintet

Rachel Duns Quintet

Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle

The beautiful sound of the tenor saxophone has been been central to the appeal of all the saxophone greats, from Coleman Hawkins to Lester Young; Dexter Gordon to Sonny Rollins to Branford Marsalis. It's one of the most exhilarating aspects of jazz. Played with passion, the notes can sound like a vocalist with a range of emotions that go much further and deeper than the human voice.

Rachel Duns is a terrific young musician fully invested in re-creating and re-casting the wonder of playing jazz on the tenor saxophone in the modern age. She knows the history but is up with the play on current sounds too. Most importantly she captures the spirit of jazz in a way that appeals to jazz fans and non-specialists.

Featuring a dynamic band from the new Glasgow scene including the hugely exciting Lyons on drums: Rachel Duns (saxes, flute, vocals), Kyle Hood ( guitar), Sean Morrison(keys), Chris Quinn ( bass), Kenny Lyons (drums)

Date / Time: Oct 08 2022, 8.30pm

Running time: 90mins

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